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Sustainability Credentials for the Company:
Apart from the obvious environmental benefits we offer clients through our service, we also run our company as sustainably as possible. Below are our credentials:

  • Our Environmental Policy is currently being updated and in the final process of approval with the Board of Directors.
  • Certified through the Michigan Recycling Coalition and consistently ranked as one of Michigan’s most sustainable companies.
  • Schupan Recycling is the largest privately owned processor of used beverage containers in the United States and compliant with ISO 9001 standards. As a leader in recycling of bottles and cans, we adhere to strict policies to ensure the collected commodity is recycled to industry standards without compromising the value of the end market. The following is a breakdown of places used to recycle the commodities we collect at events:
    – Used beverage containers (water bottles, cans, bottles, liquor bottles etc), cardboard, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, #2-#7 plastic, and glass are recycled at one of our two beverage container recycling plants in Michigan.
    – Electronic waste (computers, etc) is recycled at our RIOS Certified facility in Kalamazoo, MI.
    – Scrap metal is recycled at our facility in Kalamazoo, MI.
    – Industrial aluminum and plastics are recycled at our facility in Kalamazoo, MI.
    – Food waste and compost is taken to several contracted facilities that have been certified by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
  • ISO 20121 certification is underway.
  • Products procured for our event clients are sourced from post consumer recycled material (such as t-shirts made from recycled water bottles), when applicable, and sourced from recyclable material to ensure the product, at the end of life, is not land filled. Additionally, our sourcing takes into account the supply chain, focusing, when applicable, on responsibly (such as FSC approved paper) and/or locally sourced products.
  • Our on-site event golf carts are electronic based rather than gas. However, we do not use renewable fuels in our trucks.
  • We source renewable energy tariffs to run our office and base operations.
  • We do little work in water conservation, but work with our clients on refillable water stations to eliminate water bottle usage.
  • Optimize scheduling and logistics to minimize transportation time to the best of our ability and capabilities given our complex nationwide logistics.

Three principles are taken into account to maximize diversion rates:

  1. Communication with the event attendee through digital and print media, signage, and interaction with follow-up reporting and measurements for growth.
  2. Focus on capturing the top 2-3 primary recyclable commodities produced by the event.
  3. Sourcing products to be used at the event that are recyclable (for example, plastic vs. Styrofoam).
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