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Measure GHG impacts with the Creative Climate Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the creative community. ig-tools.com

Since their launch in 2007, over 2,000 organisations in 43 countries worldwide have used the Creative Climate Tools (CC Tools).

The CC Tools is a free carbon calculator designed to help organisations to record, measure and understand the impacts of their venue, office, tour, project, event or festival.

There is a tool for indoor events and outdoor events. Each measures slightly different GHG sources:

What the tools measure

Indoor Event Tool:

✅ Energy✅ Water & Wastewater✅ Waste❌ Transport❌ MHE & Site Vehicles
✅ Materials✅ Food & Beverage✅ Travel✅ Accommodation❌ Digital

Outdoor Event Tool:

✅ Energy✅ Water & Wastewater✅ Waste❌ Transport❌ MHE & Site Vehicles
❌ Materials❌ Food & Beverage✅ Travel❌ Accommodation❌ Digital

Other Features and Observations

It focuses only on event attendees and misses participants (production staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, caterers, contractors, performers, athletes & teams). This doesn’t allow the full measurement of the event or separate analysis and designating ownership of event-related GHGs to various responsible stakeholders. The indoor tool has business travel however.

Load-in/Load-out: The indoor tool includes these periods, but the outdoor tool doesn’t. Presumably you include all dates that the outdoor event site is active, regardless of show days.
Add EFs or Sources: the tool allows you to add in extra known GHG emissions from sources not in the tool
Festivals: Is the only tool to include metrics such as number of stages, number of artists and if the event includes camping onsite.
Waste: Includes two additional emissions factors 1) the GHG impacts of materials/packaging which become waste (e.g. plastic wrap or F&B serviceware) 2) adds additional EFs for recycling processing as the current EF generally used only includes transport of materials as the GHGs related to processing the waste into recycled materials is generally included as an upstream material input of the item being made out of the recyclate.


The tools also offer a Beyond Carbon survey which allows organisations to record what they do around sustainability, going beyond the basic carbon numbers. This survey is designed to double up as a checklist and encourage organisations to take further environmental actions in areas they may not have explored before.

As part of a recent development project funded by Arts Council England, a set of new features have been added for users to enjoy, including a Forecasting tool, a Return on Investment calculator, a Carbon Budget Setting feature and the opportunity to create your own custom footprint.

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